EQ Fan Faire - Chicago 2003

Friday Night: Hard Rock Cafe

Imagine being a waitress at the Hard Rock Cafe when two people walk in the door and ask for tables for 40.  Well, I have to compliment them in finding those tables within 15 minutes and having us all seated and happily drinking and eating. 


Friday Night: The party in Kauu's Room

Well, Kauu said "Party in my room" so we all did just that.  I can assure you that we DIDN'T smuggle 5 or 6 bags full of spirits into the room and lay out a few cases of beer in ice in the bathtub because we'd definitely get in big trouble for that sort of thing.  At least security didn't seem too upset when they finally came up and told us to move somewhere else.  I think it may have had something to do with the dozen or so people spilling out into the hall, drinks in hand, loudly conversing so that it could be heard from the elevator before the doors opened.

Yes, this is the corridor outside Kauu's room.  I've no idea how they found us!


Saturday Lunch: Dick's

Dick's is a great little place where the waiters are all abusive and annoying.  Really was a good lunch.  Dhark couldn't help himself though and made raid groups from the people that were present (look at the pen in his hand).  It was just unfortunate that no one could actually read them so we just zerged the food.


Sat Night: Watching Art

Kauu, Khadan, Bigluv and I found some great art downtown.  First I present to you the artist's impression of a chromatograph.  Personally I think it was upside down.

Next we have what I like to call "An exploration of the futility of life, in rusted iron".  I think this is a wonderful piece that despite being mounted sideways.  It kept our conversation chugging along happily while waiting for the wedding part of 7,000 to make their way up to the top of the tower in a lift built for 10.


Sat Night: The Banquet

Lots of photos here.  Sorry I haven't got everyone's names.  Shoot me a tell/email/whatever and I'll fix up the ones I'm missing.


Sat Night: Phat Lewt

After the banquet, Vannoth started giving away Phat Lewt.  Even more importantly he was brought several (like 14) drinks from other servers.  Brell simply couldn't be outdone and went the whole distance to provide two fifths of Tequila for the SoE festivities.


Sat Night: Downstairs

Well, we tried to get another room party going Saturday Night but our reputation preceeded us and we were allocated a whole downstairs hallway for our own partying purposes.  Was great to see 50+ Brell people all in one spot having a great time.  I can truly say that Brell was the party server of the Fall 2003 Fan Faire.  No other server had as many people show up (most of ours were unregistered) and as many people get their parties broken up as we did.  Brell rocks!