STFU! I can't think of anything to say back.
You're all just a bunch of fat geeks who like to tear everyone down and insult people. i) First time poster here, please don't hurt me.
ii) I'm just a fat geek who likes to tear everyone down and insult people but got pwned so bad I can't think of anything but self reflection.
It's only a game. I suck at this game.
Now you're just trolling. You've run logical rings around me.
Here's proof! I found a Geocities website on the 27th page of a Google search that supports my opinion.
I don't care what you think! I don't care what anybody here thinks! Right now, I am sitting in front of my computer eating corn flakes and drinking cheap vodka, with tears running down my cheeks, pondering the sucking vortex of pain and misery my life has become since your last post.
I can't believe people gouge prices I can't afford shit in this game.
Eat a Dick / Blow me / etc. I'm dreaming about blowing chowder all over your face but am too horribly homophobic to admit my desire for wearing anything from the Martha Stuart line.
kthx I am yet another lemming trying to sound like a cool 8th grader.
Grow Up I know you are but what am I?!
I'm too busy to keep bothering with this thread I don't want people knowing I keep hitting Refresh until someone posts again.
This is my last post on this thread i) I will keep posting but now you should know that I am indifferent to anything you might say so why bother saying it
ii)Stop it, I'm going to cry!
PlayerX is Barkona/Morsereg/Babiana PlayerX beat me up at a Taco Bell in Wisconsin.
I am the Puppetmaster and you have all done exactly what I wanted you to do in this rant I sniff too much glue before posting. Oh, and I have a penis IRL, I think.
BEST. RANT. EVAR Best rant I've seen that I can recall with my short attention span and drug-impaired long-term memory.
fucktard Your mother got porked by Corky which makes you retarded by injection.
lol. rofl. hehe. I am psychotic.
choke on X and die someone pls care about what i'm saying
... I have absolutely nothing to say about your post but I couldn't bear to see a thread without my name in it.
What right to you have to judge me? Fuck. I got owned bad.
plz I am a lazy motherfucker who can't bother to type vowels.
I destroyed the (insert ninja'd item here) I created a Lv1 alt and gave it to them to sell in the bazaar and am hoping that even though my actions show me as a thieving waste of oxygen, you'll all take my word that I destroyed the item.
I hope you're all happy I'm unhappy and trying to lay a guilt trip on you because I'm too much of a noob here to figure out guilt trips have a really, really bad effect on my popular support.
You gimp You aren't blessed with my superiority complex
SONOFABITCH!!! I am too stupid to use EZBoard. For the love of God, please stop me before I post again.
You don't know me Your characterization of me as a "fucktard assclown who fantasizes about slathering your mother with Miracle Whip and making sweet, sweet monkey love to her" was uncomfortably near the mark. Except that it's Hellman's mayonnaise; that Miracle Whip shit is gross.
You're just jumping on the bandwagon Everyone seems to agree that I'm an asshat.
Shut up, nobody cares I desperately wish nobody cared.
I was bored i) (ref - I was bored so I did X) If you see this anywhere in a thread stop reading immediately because I am about to relate some inane tidbit about my personal life that the world would have been better off not knowing.
ii) (ref - I was bored so I posted, trolled etc) I have absolutely no life and rather than make the effort to obtain the lack of life I am lamenting about, I'm going to use it as an excuse to be a cockhandle. I will then use it again later, in an attempt to backpedal after failing to gain support for my existence.
You have no life Fuck, they did that stuff before me and I wish I really could do that stuff but Mom actually forces me to do chores n' stuff.
I'm only going to respond with 'fuck off' from now on My dick has been out of my hand too long, posting this message, and now it's time to go play with myself. All this typing is really fucking with my "special time" with Rosie Palms and her 5 sisters. So, from now on, I'll reply with monosyllabic words, which are really much easier to type and remember.
You wish you had the power to make me stop posting - you're just on a power trip and must be a guide/cop/GM/kindergarten teacher etc. I should really stop posting my inane fucktard crap, because deep down I embarrass myself. However, since I can't express my deep seated anger from childhood, where my mommy never hugged me, in any other way, I'm really glad you can't ban me. Thank you, for responding and aiding me in perpetuating my shameful existence.
Haha, I love this place, its so much more fun than real work I keep hitting refresh because even bad attention is better than none in my twisted brain. I don't really have a job and still live in my parent's basement but I thought I'd throw that in to sound cool.
I only posted here to vent/inform you/appease my personal demons I got confused when I read the title "Rants" and "Please bring resist gear" and thought you were a support group.  After having the experience of people hating me for merely existing I just wanted to make clear that I was deluded by the happy face and ignored the scorching flames in the background. You are really a support group though, right?
/yawn I am an attention whore.  Please feed me.
Let's meet up at XXX and I'll beat the crap out of you Having been found completely lacking in verbal skills, I've had to resort to physical threats that we both know will be impossible for either of us to follow through with - my mom won't let me out after dark and you'd get in trouble for assaulting a minor.
You should see my girlfriend IRL, she's like the hottest girl evar. You losers will never get someone like her While in reality I am a pimply-faced adolescent with skin the color of rotten milk, who will never, ever, have a woman apart from my mother anywhere near me, I want to impress the rants board membership, hence my wild claims of dating a super-model.
You can't spell and you're grammer is wrong and it shows your lack of intelligence You're right and I'm wrong, I better bash on the presentation to make me look smart.
The burden of proof is on me Fuck, I've been owned and now I have to try to prove something that isn't remotely possible to being the truth!
I still feel my point is valid and correct, but i can understand that i will never get you to see it Not even God himself coming down from heaven will ever convince me that I could possibly wrong and I still can't understand why no one else will see things the way I do. I mean, I'm right by definition!
We can do this continuosly if you really want to find out who can last the longest, but i doubt you are that self punishing. I however probably can be if i need to be La La La La - I can not listen as long as I want and while I don't listen I'll never be proven wrong
I seriously can't stop laughing! This is just so funny, you're saying all this stuff but I think it's the funniest thing ever I'd type a more witty comeback if I could but right now the abject misery your post has dumped me in doesn't allow me to think rationally between the tears flowing down my face.


I still feel my point is valid and correct, but i can understand that i will never get you to see it Not even God himself coming down from heaven will ever convince me that I could possibly wrong and I still can't understand why no one else will see things the way I do. I mean, I'm right by definition!